About Maria

horseMaria began her career in human dentistry in 1992 and then went on to combine her passion for horses with her professional career to qualify as an equine dentist.

Her own horse was treated regularly by an equine dentist so she didn’t think too much about the the problems a horse could develop if they were not treated regularly. However being interested in teeth she decided to do some research and found although decay and periodontal disease is not as common in the horse’s mouth as it is in the human mouth, these days domestic horses suffer from many problems such as poor tooth alignment and irregular chewing patterns which can cause severe pain, digestive difficulty, colic and behavioural and performance problems.

Therefore a full examination is necessary to establish a treatment plan specific to your horse's needs. Whether they are a family pet entertaining the kids once or twice a week or a top class performance horse, regular dental examinations are important to keep your horse happy and in good general health.

iaedThis research sparked a huge interest in equine dentistry for Maria and as a result she is now a graduate of The American Scchool of Equine Dentistry under the excellent guidance of Dr Raymond Q Hyde a Veterinarian and a certified equine dentist. 
Maria gained a huge amount of experience while working along side all the instructors in the school during her training and afterwards during her apprenticeship which she served with Dr Hyde, working with all types of horses from equine rescue centres, donkeys and miniature horses to top class performance horses. Also assisting with various veterinarian procedures Dr Hyde would carry out.

Maria now works with both human mouths and horses mouths.
As with people she will take excellent care to treat your horse kindly and gently throughout the procedure, always thinking of the horse's comfort and well being.

Maria uses both power and manual instruments and the length of time a procedure will take varies from each horse